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IRF Statement Regarding the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization and the Israeli Chief Rabbinate

The International Rabbinic Fellowship, applauds the new campaign of the Tzohar rabbinical organization in Israel to restore the institution and ethos of the national Chief Rabbinate to its inclusive, Zionist roots.

We hope and pray that this project will enhance the work of the Chief Rabbinate as an institution that serves all Israelis in a compassionate, efficient and professional manner reflecting the values of Torah, Derekh Eretz and full identification with the national, historic project of the Jewish people in our day and age, the State of Israel. 

Areas such as conversion, marriage and divorce, kashrut, and social justice require a Chief Rabbinate willing and able to manifest halakhic courage and conviction. We stand at a historic crossroads that requires rabbinic leadership that enhances the Jewish identity and attachment of all who dwell in Zion to our beautiful Torah heritage in a spirit of ahavat Yisrael and responsibility for the entirety of the Jewish people.

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