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IRF Reacts To Harsh Attacks on Rav David Stav

June 17, 2013

The International Rabbinic Fellowship, representing 150 Orthodox rabbis, publicly reaffirms its admiration and affection for Rabbi David Stav, who has come under malicious attack during the last several months, and in particular over the past number of days.

Rabbi Stav is a scholar and visionary who has devoted his entire adult career to teaching Torah and to bringing all segments of the Israeli populace closer to God and our heritage. 

As a group comprised mostly of Diaspora rabbis, it is not within our purview to endorse any specific candidate for the office of Chief Rabbi of Israel. However, we strenuously object to the harsh rhetoric and demonization of Rav Stav, including the intemperate remarks of the noted rabbinic scholar, Rabbi Ovadyah Yosef this past week. This type of rhetoric and language directed against him has no place in our public life.

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