IRF Mourns Passing of Rivka Haut, zt”l

April 1, 2014

The International Rabbinic Fellowship notes with profound sadness the passing of Rivka Haut, zt"l this past week.

Rivka was one of the founders of the first women's tefillah groups in the early 1970's as well as one of the founders of the Women of the Wall. In addition, she worked tirelessly both, in public and in private, to bring more justice and fairness to the Jewish divorce process, and end the scourge of igun in our community. She served as a support and friend to thousands of women going through difficult divorce proceedings and helped ameliorate their suffering. 

Rivka zt"l lived a life of full of passionate devotion to ideals of mishpat and tzedek and challenged everyone she met to live up to those ideals. She loved Judaism and learning Torah and was an avid participant in the daily daf yomi. 

May her family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. May her memory be a blessing for all of klal yisrael and the world.

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