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IRF Mourns Passing of Rabbi Moshe Kahn z"l

January 20, 2023

The International Rabbinic Fellowship mourns the passing of Rabbi Moshe Kahn, z"l, a gentle giant of Torah and leadership in the area of higher women's Torah education, as well as Talmud education for Baalei Teshuva.

Rabbi Kahn, a student of Rav Soloveitchik z"l received semicha in both Yoreh Deah and Yadin Yadin from Yeshiva University. He was a popular teacher at the James Striar School for Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University for 11 years, starting in the 1980's, while teaching a high level weekly Talmud shiur at Lincoln Square Synagogue. R. Kahn was one of the early faculty members of the Drisha Institute of Jewish Education. where he taught Talmud and Halakhah to hundreds of women over a teaching career that spanned decades. R. Kahn began teaching Talmud and Halakah at Stern College for Women in 1983, and became a member of the faculty of its Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies when it opened in 2000.

R. Kahn was a rigorous pedagogue who brought generations of students into the complex world of Talmud study with a steady hand and demanding standards. He was a person of great character and integrity who played a central part in the revolution in women's Torah study in the United States. Many of his students currently hold leadership positions teaching Torah themselves - in schools, in shuls, and at universities throughout the world. He was a courageous posek in a number of areas of Jewish law and a beloved mentor and guide to many people.

May his memory be for a blessing to the Jewish people and the entire world.

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