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IRF Expresses Its Concern Regarding the Situation in Gaza and Israel's Southern Border

July 19, 2018

In the past few months, tens of thousands of residents near Israel's southern border with the Gaza strip have been subjected to ongoing terror and mayhem. Hundreds of kites and balloons weighted with incendiary devices and explosives have been sent over by Palestinian militants causing hundreds of thousands dollars in damage to fields and the environment.

In addition, this past weekend hundreds of rockets and mortars were launched at civilian communities in Sderot and other areas bordering the Gaza strip causing massive upheaval, trauma and the interruption of normal civilian life. 

The Palestinian civilian population in Gaza has been suffering terribly for many years as a result of a constellation of political factors and choices that are beyond the scope of this statement. Innocent Palestinians are struggling to make ends meet, get clean water, and live with limited electricity and mobility which has exacerbated the sense of despair and frustration. 

The IRF stands in solidarity with the citizens of Israel and the IDF and expresses its support for them in every possible way. We empathize with the civilian population in Gaza and its horrific situation and hope that a political solution can be found to ease their burden. The IRF calls on the international community including the US, Russia, the EU, the UN and the Palestinian Authority, and the Gulf States to work tirelessly in concert with Israel and Egypt, for a total cessation of any attacks on people or property in Israel and a phased process of total disarmament of any militant groups in the Gaza strip. This process can go hand in hand with moves to alleviate the acute humanitarian challenges that Gaza civilans face.

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