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IRF Condemns Terrorist Incidents in Sri Linka Targeting Christians

April 22, 2019

The International Rabbinic Fellowship expresses it horror and outrage at the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka targeting Christian worshipers in churches and hotels celebrating Easter, the holiest day in their calendar.

These barbarous acts claimed the lives of more than 300 people, all created in the image of God, whom we mourn and cherish. These attacks, which the the Sri Lankan government has attributed to a local radical Islamist group that advocates violently for its views, confront us again with the evil consequences of ideologies of hate and dehumanization and disrespect for the other and his or her beliefs.

We extend our comfort and solidarity to the Christian community in Sri Lanka and the world over. We offer our prayers for the recovery of the hundreds of injured and wounded and for healing and comfort to all the families of the bereaved.

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