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IRF Condemns Rhetoric Directed Against the LGBTQ+ Community

January 1, 2023

The International Rabbinic Fellowship strongly condemns the vitriolic rhetoric and disdain directed at incoming Knesset Speaker, Amir Ohana and the LGBTQ+ community, by Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Shlomo Amar, and senior Rabbi Meir Mazoz.

This rhetoric, directed at individuals, is at odds with the core values of "Beloved is Every Human Being Who was Created in the Image of God", violates Torah principles of Onaat Devarim (hurting people with words), leads to greater polarization within the Jewish people, and further alienates many Jews from Torah and Mitzvot.

As we wrote earlier this year:

The International Rabbinic Fellowship, a membership organization of several hundred Orthodox rabbis, communal scholars, clergy and educators, affirms that LGBTQ+ Jews are treasured and beloved members of our schools, shuls, and families.

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