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IRF Condemns Murder of Israeli Citizen in Otniel and the Ongoing Wave of Terrorism

January 18, 2016

The International Rabbinic Fellowship condemns the brutal stabbing murder of Dafna Meir, a 38 year old mother of six, nurse and resident of Otniel by a Palestinian terrorist in front of her children in their home.

This horrendous act is another in the long list of intolerable outrages that Israeli citizens have been subjected to in the last six months including the recent terrorism in Tel-Aviv, Alon Shvut, and today's stabbing of Michal Froman, a pregnant Israeli woman in Tekoa. 

We utterly reject the morally obtuse distinctions that some activists including, regrettably, some in the Palestinian community, have made between acts of murder and violence committed against Jews residing in Israel proper and those living in the administered territories. Terrorism against civilians on either side of the Green Line has no moral, religious or legal justification. It will not bring peace nor reconciliation one day closer. It is a sin against man and God who created every human being in His image. 

May the entire Meir family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may the Almighty dry their tears of pain and sorrow. 

We pray for the full and speedy recovery of Michal Bat Ester Froman and the healthy birth of the infant she is carrying.

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