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IRF Calls on Community to Insert Special Prayers in Light of Drought Conditions in Israel

December 29, 2017

In the Jewish tradition many of our prayers focus our attention on the events and realities taking place in the land of Israel. In light of that we are all following with concern the ongoing lack of substantial rainfall in Israel this year though we are well past the middle of the rainy season.

This lack of rain has persisted for a number of seasons. Israel has made great advances in building desalination plants in many parts of the country, a fact that keeps the drinking water flowing from the faucets throughout the country. At the same time, the agricultural sector and other areas of the economy are in grave danger if this pattern of drought persists. 

Many communities in Israel have already instructed their members to insert special prayers for rain in the daily amidah in the blessing of Shma Koleinu: 

The International Rabbinic Fellowship encourages all members of communities in the Diaspora, to adopt this custom, as well, for the near term, in solidarity with the ongoing situation in the Land of Israel and its inhabitants.

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