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IRF Calls For Responsible Rhetoric and Actions From All Sides During the Current Attempt to Form A Coalition Government in Israel

June 6, 2021

The International Rabbinic Fellowship, as an organization, does not, in principle, publicly express views on internal political issues in Israel, which are rightly the province of its citizens to decide through its elected representatives. Thus, we take no position on the current coalition building efforts and who should form the next government.

We are, however, deeply concerned with the growing incitement and hate speech that is being directed on social media, protests and in the heated rhetoric of the moment against the leadership of what is known popularly as the "change coalition". These concerns go far beyond any political issue or partisan position on this or that issue. The real fears and growing tensions have led the Isaeli security services to increase security details around politicians in the "change coalition" and has led, Nadav Argaman, head of the Shin Bet (the equivalent of the FBI) to issue a rare public statement  indicating that "This discourse may be interpreted among certain groups or individuals as one that allows violent and illegal activity and could even lead to harm to individuals,”.

We are heartened that Prime Minister Netanyahu today  condemned incitement against all political figures. We call on all responsible political leaders, in all parties,  as well as rabbinic leaders,  to immediately tone down their rhetoric and  issue calls to ensure that all political protest remains peaceful, lest the State of Israel, God forbid, once again be torn apart by political violence that culminates in murder as happened with the assasination of Prime Minsiter Yitzhak Rabin z"l.

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