CRC guide to kashering items in the kitchen

The title describes this well. I've found hard to find books here in the past - they also will make custom reprints of out-of-print books.

The J-Law website features articles on the interaction of Jewish Law and secular law

Halakhah articles by Rabbi Jachter

Never be cold at Shaharit

Cut and paste-able Tanakh and Mishnah, Bavli, and Mishneh Torah

National Association of Chevrei Kadishah

Incredible website collecting piyutim and zemirot - both words and melodies - searchable by author, region of origin, or associated holiday

Guide to rashei teivot (from Princeton University)

Index of articles in Torah / Halakhah Journals published by the Bar Ilan respponsa project folks

new Hebrew translation of Rambam's Moreh Nevuhim published by Tel Aviv University - fully cut and paste-able

Transcript of panel conference on Rav Soloveitchik's "Confrontation" - this is a great resource for interesting Orthodox thinking on interfaith dialogue.

Strategy think tank about Israel

Links to primary documents relevant to the study of Jewish history

The first fully interactive, online Yeshiva and Midrasha